Monday, November 11, 2013

Goodbye Virgin Mobile!! Hello Nexus 5 with T-Mobile!

After 10 years I've finally quit Virgin Mobile and have gone to T-Mobile! HIP HIP HOORAY!
Why T-Mobile? Well they have a $30/month plan that does 100 minutes of yaking, unlimited texting, and 5GB of data which should do me quite well as I don't yak a lot. So I'm even saving $5/month compared to Virgin Mobile.
Another reason why I left Virgin Mobile was because of their poor support for their phones. The whole GPS and Motorola Triumph debacle and then the failing texting with the HTC EVO V 4G was the last straw. So I bided my time until the right phone came along and I could find a good plan. I had originally thought about the Nexus 4 but it wasn't quite what I was wanting so I was patient and waited. When rumors of the Nexus 5 came out that sure looked like a phone I could be happy with.
so all that I had to do is figure out which of the 3 carriers it supports to go with. I had been with Virgin Mobile, which is owned by Sprint, so that would be my last choice. AT&T is known for gouging customers so they weren't my first choice. T-Mobile, though not as big as Verizon or AT&T, started offering some of their "uncarrier" plans and features which were very appealing. So I decided to give them a try. Got a couple of their SIM cards, one to test, and another to port my number too.
I signed up and tried out T-Mobile to see how the coverage was around my home town and even took on a road trip and it did very well so I decided to not wait and went ahead and ported my number.
You Virgin Mobilers out there will want to be aware if you want to port your number you will have to call Virgin Mobile's retention department to get your account number (it's not your phone number). They will of course try to persuade you to stay, but be firm and polite and get the number as you'll need it to port.
I entered my porting info on T-Mobile and at midnight that same night the port was complete.
I'm thoroughly enjoying my Nexus 5 phone and here's a follow-up video. The screen is nearly 5" and 1080P so very happy with that. It has a quadcore processor so very fast. The LTE speeds from T-Mobile are very nice.
KitKat is also a nice improved version of Android. One reason I chose the Nexus 5 is that I'll be able to get the upgrades from Google and not have to wait for a phone company! Such Freedom!

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