Friday, August 9, 2013

Withings Pulse 1st Impressions

I've had the Withings Pulse for a couple days now so here are my 1st Impressions.

  • Activation
  • No way to tweak measurements to get more accuracy
  • Record steps, distance, climbing, heart rate
  • Monitor sleep
Check out what else I have to say in the video.

Withings Pulse

Recently I decided I needed to lose some weight and how better to assist me than to use technology. I looked at several devices that work with Android and decided on the Withings Pulse, a French company. Though, unfortunately, the device itself is made in China.
So I pre-ordered the Pulse about a month ago and started my calorie and exercise (primarily walking) tracking. I finally got the Pulse and so here I am opening the box for the first time.
Note: I do say in the video that it tracks your heart rate at night with the wrist strap, but that is not correct. Maybe they'll add that feature at a later time.
Look for my 1st impressions video soon.