Friday, July 5, 2013

Installing a 3TB Hard Drive

The two main computers I work with in my house are my Windows Home Server 2011 and my desktop. The server I've been leaving on 24/7 for many years now and was just only turning on my desktop when needed. On both I run virtual machines, the WHS2011 has VirtualBox and my desktop uses Hyper-V.
Lately I've been finding that I've been leaving my desktop computer on over night for processing so I decided to eliminate the dedicated server and just go with my desktop. The desktop has 32GB of memory and is an Intel i7-3770 processor so it had plenty of power to handle the server and 4 other virtualized guests.
I would virtualize the server and run it as a Hyper-V guest. To make room for all the storage I decided to get a Seagate 3TB drive and here's the video of me installing it.

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