Sunday, July 7, 2013

HTC EVO V 4G GPS freak out

When we go on walks I like to use My Tracks to, well, track how far we walk and how long we take. Normally a GPS track would look like this:
It's a nice and smooth track of our walk.

Here's what My Tracks suddenly started doing a few days ago.
Now obviously we weren't walking through people's yards and houses!

Well I tried a few things, mostly clearing the cache and trying other programs but still the same result.
So I finally decided to do a factory reset of my phone and that is what cleared it up and it's working normally again!
I can only imagine a settings file somewhere got corrupted and since I don't root my phone I wasn't able to find it and fix it. So doing a factory reset is a little extreme but the way I figure it I clean out a bunch of other junk at the same time. Of course you have to reload your apps and your accounts so that is the hassle part.

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