Friday, March 8, 2013

Hyper-V on Windows 8 Pro

I have a mini-server farm setup on my desktop machine to learn more about SharePoint. There are four servers and one client for that setup. I have two drives, C: and E: and I've had all my virtual disks located on E:. What I was finding is that the servers were bogging down, of course, because they were all trying to interact with the hard drive but were having resource contentions and slowing them down.
So I though, ok, I'll move a few of the virtual machines to the C: drive just so two hard drives are doing the work that one was doing before.
I just figured I'd have to power down those virtual servers to move them, but NO! Hyper-V will move the files while the virtual machine is still powered on! Very Cool!
Actually what it does is copy the files first, then points the live machine to the new location. All part of Hyper-V's live migration capabilities. I just figured that on a desktop operating system I wouldn't be able to do that figuring that was reserved for the server world.
Glad Microsoft got this one right as so often they put artificial limits on capabilities in the software. The one that immediately comes to mind is no native UPS support in Windows Home Server 2011! Server and desktop O/S support it, why not that?