Friday, December 28, 2012

Antec P280 Computer Case

I'm in the process of building a new computer as it's a perfect time with all the sales that happen around the holidays. I had thought about just recycling my old Antec Sonata case, but I've been eyeing the Antec P280 for a long time. It's a good sized case with lots of features. Some of the ones I like the best are:
  • Power switch on the outside
  • Three fans installed, two in the top, and one at the rear, controlled by external switches
  • The power supply mounts in the bottom. It has it's own filter that can be cleaned with a little water.
  • 2: 2.5" mounts for SSDs
  • 6: 3.5" mounts for hard drives
  • 3: 5.25" mounts for DVD drives
  • Front filter.
  • Easy to access USB ports
  • Space for additional fans
I'll be doing more videos as I add more hardware.