Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS2011) and Cloudberry Labs

I have a Hyper-V server that has WHS2011 running as a guest, which handles all of the household’s documents, videos, MP3s, etc.

For backups I have three external hard drives that I use, with a different one each week, that I backup all the files to. These are encrypted with TrueCrypt as I keep one hard drive with me all the time. That’s fine and good, but I’ve always been concerned about that extremely rare catastrophic event that would wipe out my server and my backups.

I’ve read about cloud storage and have seen it offered but never found an easy and cheap way to access it until I found the flexible Cloudberry Labs product for backup up a Windows Home Server. Using it with Amazon’s S3 storage I’m able to backup my most important documents, around 7 GB worth, for less than $1 a month. So far so good.

Recently Amazon announced the Glacier product, a penny a GB for storage, though you don’t have instant access to it like S3. Cloudberry Labs has now made their backup product able to use Glacier so now I’m backup up the less important photos and MP3s to it. These take up about 40 GB of space. I haven’t been using it long enough but It should cost under 50 cents a month to store all that data.

I'll post back when there's more.


  1. Need some help. I am also backing up my data using Cloudberry on my WHS 2011 server and I too would prefer to back the data up to Glacier. Unfortunately, I can't find the option or feature to enable this. Can you help.

    1. Do you have the latest version of Cloudberry?
      Did you setup a storage container in Glacier?
      Do you have the access key for it?
      When you add a Glacier container to Cloudberry does it see your container?