Monday, October 22, 2012

Windows Home Server 2011 Lack of UPS Support

After I finished rebuilding my server I suddenly realized that there’s now battery icon in the task bar for WHS2011! I had totally didn’t realize that Microsoft would remove that feature from WHS2011! One has to ask Why? It’s supported on the underlying O/S that WHS2011 is built on so why not include it?
Here a home user has a WHS2011 server and plugs it into a UPS, why wouldn’t they just expect it is supported? The Windows 7 on their computer supports it? Why not something that was being sold as a central storehouse for documents, music, photos, etc. for the house have not only backup services, but UPS services as well?
Luckily it’s not a deal breaker for me to have WHS2011 be my host O/S on my server. After all I do keep the files backed up to multiple devices and locations, so in the event that my server is damaged in a power outage I could rebuild the server. Probably would take less than a day.
I started to think, well, maybe I could look at the next O/S version that Microsoft has. Well, no more Windows Home Server so its Windows Server 2012 Essentials might be the nearest a home user might use. Doubtful as the price is greater than $450 so I know this home user won’t be purchasing it. And even if I did, it doesn’t support Hyper-V so for me, what’s the point?
I’m sure they want everyone to go to Windows 8, but for me Windows 8 isn’t a “server” solution. At least not now until I read more about it being used in a home server setup.
Heck I probably won’t even install Windows 8 on my desktops unless I was to get a touch screen.
So for now, I’m sticking with WHS2011. It does everything my house needs. My “cloud” backup solution supports it so for the immediate future that’s what it’ll remain.

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