Thursday, October 4, 2012

Virgin Mobile Fix the HTC EVO V 4G!

I've been a user of Virgin Mobile for over 10 years now. I started out with a candy bar type phone, moved to a flip phone, and then the Rumor Touch which had very poor internet. Then the Samsung Intercept came along and was a great beginner Android phone. I didn't have any illusions, as many did, as to its capabilities and was quite pleased with it. Then the LG Optimus V came along and for me was the most error free of the phones and if I still had it (my niece now has it) I'd go back to it.
After the Optimus I went to the Motorola Triumph, an excellent phone, except the GPS was defective. Those that rooted got it to work just fine so obviously it was a software issue that could have been fixed if Virgin Mobile had just taken the little effort it would have taken to put out a fix.
Then came along the HTC EVO V 4G, potentially a great phone, but it too has a flaw. The much talked about Text sending and Receiving flaw. And, yet again, those that root are able to get it to work just fine. So yet again, another software error that could be fixed by Virgin Mobile.
One has to wonder why doesn't Virgin Mobile do anything about these flaws? Do they just hope one ignores them until the next "better" phone comes along and buys it? Twice burned already, I won't be burned a third time.
Virgin Mobile, you aren't the only game in town for pay as you go, it is becoming a crowded field with many companies vying for my money.
Many feel that your Customer Service is already poor, but think of the kudos you'd receive from actually supporting the hardware your customers use and update them, at least with software fixes that fix hardware problems! As it is, you are loosing customers, and soon I will be one of them.
For now, I can't afford to get a new phone to use on a new carrier, but I'm already considering getting a Google Nexus and using it on T-Mobile. At least it would receive updates.
So, no more chances Virgin Mobile, either fix the hardware problems by releasing software fixes or I will go, and I'm sure many others will too.
I can only shake my head, such little effort, could get such big gains for you.

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