Friday, October 19, 2012

Server Rebuild

So far today the server rebuild is going well. I removed a couple of hard drives out of the server, that I don't need, and left a single 2TB drive. I installed WHS2011 on the box without any issues.
I had always wanted to encrypt my server's drives, so this time I installed TrueCrypt and it is still processing through the 2TB drive by encrypting it. You can do other tasks on the computer while TrueCrypt is doing that in the background.
I installed VirtualBox in WHS2011 and moved a virtual machine over from my desktop to the server and installed the software I used to communicate with my La Crosse Technology weather station. Fortunately VirtualBox allows for the use of USB devices by a guest (something Hyper-V couldn't do) so a little while ago I plugged in the USB dongle and got it up and going. So now I can keep my desktop computer off and only leave the server on for, well, doing server duties and recording the weather.
Still to be done is to move the server back to its original location and keeping fingers crossed that the weather station and it will still communicate through a floor as my office and the server are on different levels in my house.
Oh, another thing is to finish getting CloudBerry setup. I didn't realize I had to deactivate the software first before I reinstalled it so I'm in trial mode. I've fired off an e-mail to their support so hopefully soon that'll be rectified. But the other issue, though not sure if its really an issue yet, is that when I setup my Amazon Glacier in CloudBerry it doesn't show what I've already backed up. Not sure this is normal as I'm able to see what I have in Amazon S3. Got a message on their forum hoping to get an answer soon.
Probably will start up one of the backups just to see how well it does tomorrow. Been at the computer already too long today!

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