Saturday, October 20, 2012

Server rebuild 95% done

The WHS 2011 rebuild is almost complete. Got the server back to its room and it's reading the weather information from my weather station. Yeah for VirtualBox supporting USB dongles in guest O/Ses! Boo for Hyper-V not supporting USB.
There's still about 40 O/S updates for WHS 2011 to complete. I'll be doing those shortly.
The CloudBerry is working fine with Amazon S3. Still working with CloudBerry on issues with Amazon Glacier.
TrueCrypt finished encrypting the 2TB drive this morning. Now the only hastle with that is I'll have to login every time the server reboots. I don't keep a monitor on it so I'll just type it in and see if it boots (hard drive activity).
Oh there was one casualty, hardware wise, in the whole process. The server's DVD drive completely failed. Refused to open at all. Luckily had a spare computer around to take one out of. Placed an order for a replacement. Only $16 so not too bad for the only out of pocket expense.
The server has 8GB of memory in it and the WHS 2011 host, and two Windows 7 guests (1 GB each) take up about 1/2 the memory so plenty of wiggle room for WHS to do its processing and some space for a couple more virtual machines if ever needed.
I do admit the server and guests were much quicker to respond when they were running under Hyper-V. Luckily no major work is being done in the guests so I'm not going to worry about it at this point as everything else seems to be operating just fine. It is just very unfortunate that Microsoft hasn't added USB functionality for guests in Hyper-V.
Apparently VMWare does support USB, but as I'm unfamiliar with it, I wanted to stay with something I knew. If VirtualBox hadn't worked I would have most likely looked at a VMWare solution.

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