Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virgin Mobile Phone Upgrade Changes

Rumors have it that Virgin Mobile will be changing the rules in regards to upgrading a phone. No longer will you be grandfathered with your plan, you'll have to go to the new plan price. So for example I'm on the 300 minute plan and pay $25/month. If I was to get a new phone I would be forced into the current plan at $35/month.

So if you are on the fence about upgrading your phone you better do it real soon if you want to keep your grandfathered plan.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Motorola Triumph GPS Test Outside

Some of you have been asking me to do the GPS test on the Motorola Triumph outdoors, so here it is:

Unfortunately Virgin Mobile and Motorola don't appear to be working on any updates for this widely report issue. I have read on-line that some have rooted the phone and were able to make a configuration file modification which improved the GPS performance.
Fortunately I don't rely on the GPS on the phone so I still enjoy the phone, even if it can't find itself on a sunny day in a reasonable amount of time! Ok so I exaggerate, just a little!


When we moved into a new house we had decided to not have a land line installed as everyone in the house has a cell phone and land lines around here were around $35/month. Also, I decided I didn't have to keep Earthlink DSL, ended up with Comcast Business, so that was another factor in ditching the expensive land line.
Fast forward eight months and cell phone plans have changed, to save money, and no longer have unlimited calling so we looked into getting a VOIP service.
Probably the most popular is Vonage, but I found that reading up on them they can be around $15-$25 per month once you tack on all the hidden fees and taxes that aren't advertised with their price. I then looked around and found a service called Voipo when had good user recommendations and was priced around $6.5 per month including the one fee it collects. However, you have to pay two years in advance.
We decided to go ahead and pay that amount and a week later the hardware showed up in the mail. In the meantime I had to go out and buy just a simple wireless phone which I found at our local mega-electronics store for $21.
While waiting for the hardware it also gave me time to do some initial configuration via Voipo's control panel. If there's one thing that they could improve on is to make the control panel better. It can get the job done but it isn't so intuitive and making Contacts seems not the easiest and buried while I think it should be in the forefront. But that's just me, and I've only been playing with it for a week.
Here's a video of the hardware that Voipo sends:

I've had it all hooked up for a day and it is very simple. Basically I plugged in the device into my network and then plugged a phone into it.Already have called out on it and everything seems fine.
We aren't going to be giving out the phone number so it's not going to be our primary phone, but just used when we are home and use it instead of our cell minutes.