Thursday, March 8, 2012

Copyright Gestapo

This morning I woke to find an e-mail from YouTube aka Google that said one of my videos was breaking copyright owned by La7! Who the F is La7? Looked them up, they are a TV channel in Italy!
Ok, in my video I was doing a review of the Roku and on the TV screen I had showing the BRITISH TV show Midsomer Murders while I talked about the Roku.
La7 licenses the show for Italian TV but they blocked my video! Excuse me!
And of course with YouTube/Google you have no way of contacting anyone.
So fine, I removed the video from my channel and this weekend I'm going to go in and edit the video to be sure to block what is shown on the TV screen.
Midsomer Murders I hope you'll be happy to be loosing 30 seconds of free advertising.
C'est La Vie!

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