Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sony KDL 46EX621 mini review

A couple Santas let me open a present early and it was a new Sony KDL 46EX621 LED LCD television. It is a wonderful addition to our TV room.
It's main features are four HDMI ports, a digital audio out, and an Ethernet port.
I'm primarily using it for streaming Netflix onto. There's no WiFi built-in but you can purchase a Sony adapter that can be used. Fortunately I can easily hard wire the internet access.
You can also attach USB storage devices to see photos and movies, but it doesn't support a wide amount of video formats, so that can be a limiting factor.
The Sony KDL 46EX621 support DNLA so I'm able to stream movies and photos from my Windows Home Server.
Sorry about the poor lighting in the video, but my TV room doesn't have a lot of bright lights.


  1. Hi there! Nice video to show the features of the set. Have you noticed any humming or a high pitch noise while watching the TV at very low volume levels? We just got this TV as well, and while it's a great picture and full of features, I noticed a low level hum while changing channels or while watching video that has a good amount of black displayed. I wanted to see if it's possibly just my unit.

  2. No, I haven't noticed any hum.
    But I know my ears aren't the best, so I'll try to pay special attention and see if I detect anything.

  3. Thanks! let me know what you hear, or for your sake, don't hear.