Friday, December 16, 2011

Factory Reset Post-Op

Back on December 3rd I wrote about having to do a factory reset on my Motorola Triumph because it was crashing a lot. After I did the reset I installed only a couple must have apps and left the rest off to see if it was a hardware issue or software. Up until yesterday, I had no crashing so I'll presume at this point it was software, whether an app (I have my suspicions) or that the caches were corrupted.
Well another side benefit of having so few apps on my phone was that my battery life almost doubled! So yes folks, the more stuff you have on your phone the more battery life is eaten away.
Now I bought my phone because it is a smartphone. I use it for text, e-mail, and browsing the internet. And I figure I might as well enjoy my phone too! So as long as battery life remains reasonable, say 18 - 24 hours, then I'm fine. It's very easy for me to charge up while in my truck or at work so its not much of an issue.
So last night I put more of my apps back onto my phone. Not all, just a few. So we'll see how it goes.
So enjoy those phones out there and use the plethora of apps that are available, but don't be shocked if your battery life goes down. Just do a balancing act on the battery life you need and the number of apps you must have.

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  1. I purchased my Motorola Triumph from VMUSA on their Cyber Monday special. It replaced my Samsung Intercept, but I also have 2 Optimus V's on network as well. To be honest, I've had no problems with random reboots or restarts, and my battery seems to hold up as well as the batteries in the Intercept and the OV's. My only real issue with the Triumph is bluetooth functionality. I use an XLink Bluetooth Gateway to give our cellphones around the house coverage (XLink drives a Panasonic 6 handset wireless system). That works great with the Intercept and Optimus cells, but even when plugged on charger, I can't keep the Moto T reliably connected. If it weren't for bluetooth, my Triumph would be near perfect.

    I don't play games with my phones, or use them to stream Pandora and YouTube vids 24/7, and I'm sure that is part of the secret to my long battery life. After a full 24 hour of time, my battery is usually at around 50%, sometimes less, sometimes more. And my longest uptime is now at something like 11 days and counting. I doubt it will ever catch my one Optimus which is over 150 days and counting.

    I truly love the Optimus V and the Triumph is right up there with it.