Thursday, December 1, 2011

Carrier IQ garbage

During the past couple of days the news that the phone companies are spying on us still has come to the forefront.
Trevor Eckhart has written about CarrierIQ being installed on many Android phones and it's also come to light that iPhones also have it installed, but it appears to be disabled.
One can only wonder what the phone companies are doing with the information? They claim it's only for "diagnostic" purposes, such as when we turn our phones on or make a call, etc. But why do they need special software for that? When we turn on our phone it reaches out and contacts the nearest cell tower. A cell tower also knows when we make a call, the contents of our text messages, etc. So there excuse isn't very plausible.
Also, the ego of these companies that think that what they are doing is going to remain a secret. In this day and age with hackers and heck just folks who enjoy exploring their devices someone was bound to find out.
It shall be interesting what further reaction will happen over the next few days or weeks to the complete intrusion on our privacy as the software records all key presses that are made on our phones.
Don't these companies realize that they can make plenty of money by honest means, but the rampant greed causes them to betray our, now even more limited, trust in them?
Will I give up my Android phone? Not sure yet. Going to wait it out. I have uninstalled most of the apps I have on my phone, not that it necessarily helps, as the damage is already done.
One could only hope that it might result in more stringent privacy rules, but we all know that is very unlikely since Congress is bought and paid for by the mega-corporations.

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