Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jury Duty

Definitely not tech related, but I was summoned for jury duty and today was the day. I've never been so it was a completely new experience for me. I took some extra power for my phone, but I didn't need it. I mostly read, and much of the time I had to have my phone off.
The court did mention that they don't use strips with our names on them to randomly pick, they let a computer do that now so there's the tech related portion for this blog post!
All in all a good experience. I think for the day that you have to take to do this it is well worth the time to experience one of the things that has set us apart from some countries in the world, trial by a jury of your peers.
When I was in a pool of potential jurors for a trial we had to go around and introduce ourselves and answer some basic questions, one of which was our occupation. It was sad to hear how many were unemployed. I know that unemployment is high, but until you actually see folks that say it, then it really hits home. I'm very fortunate to be working now.
Now that I've done it today I won't be eligible for another 2 years. . . and then I'll be much more positive when I go now that I know what goes on.

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