Saturday, September 17, 2011

Comcast Business

When I decided to purchase a new house I had to decide what my ISP was going to be.
For over 10 years I had Earthlink (Mindspring initially) DSL and was very pleased with it's speed. Typically I could get 4 MB down and 600 KB down. However, I was looking to try and cut back on my bills and would have wished that Earthlink would have offered naked DSL (doesn't need a phone line) as I would have stuck with them. I found having a land line an unnecessary expense as everyone in the house was using their cell phones and rarely used the land line.
Also we were using Dish Network for TV, but decided that we really didn't watch that much so we cut that expense.
So I began searching for a new ISP and considered Comcast Home Internet, but they unfortunately cap how much you can use it, so that was out. My sister has used Comcast Business for a number of years and since it doesn't have a cap I placed my order. I decided to only get Internet and nothing else bundled with it. Though I was told that as a residence I couldn't get TV service with Business even if I had wanted to.
The only down side is it seemed to take a long time than it should have to get it installed. It took a week for Comcast to do a "drive by" (not their term but mine) to see if the house was connected up to Comcast. It was, and one would have thought there system would have shown that. After that it took another week for a tech to come out and install the service. He had to turn it on at the pole and do a little figuring out which cable went to the room I wanted to use, and then plugged in the modem. After that it was pretty quick for him to get it setup via a laptop.
After he left I fired up my Netgear router and away I went. This time I had no issues with the Netgear as I did when I tried using it with Earthlink.
I must say I've been very pleased. I ordered the 12/2 service (lowest tier) and have tested it and get 20/5 quite often. Before it would have been quite a challenge to stream a movie with the DSL line I had, but now can have a couple streams going at once.
We've even signed up to try out Netflix for the next 30 days to see if that'll be something that the household will enjoy as a replacement for Dish.

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