Monday, August 8, 2011

Android Market update

Well while I was on vacation the Android Market was updated. For most apps, an update is welcome, this one had an unwelcome side affect.
For the garbage apps that are foisted upon on us by Virgin Mobile I had turned off the automatic updates. Well when the Market was updated it turned back on those updates and proceeded to download all those updates. I have since uninstalled the updates and turned back off the automatic updates. It is unfortunate that you can't set something up on your phone and have it stick, it has to be overwritten by another app.


  1. Hey Cary, the Root on the triumph is super easy and straightforward. I loved uninstalling the crapware they pushed on us. Felt good man.

  2. I'm sure some people will, but for now I'll leave my phone as is.
    Thanks for the info though!