Sunday, July 10, 2011

WHS 2011 and Dynamic Memory

My home setup consists of a Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V server that has 8GB of memory. In that I have a WHS 2011 guest that I've allocated 2GB of memory to. I also have 4 other guests using varying memory footprints.
Now I know I'm not the "average" user of WHS 2011, but in my setup it sure would be nice if WHS 2011 had a dynamic memory driver so that it could, conceivably, only use what memory it needed at any particular time. That goes the same way for Microsoft's other Windows 7 products, as only the top end have the dynamic memory driver.
My feeling is that why should we be limited on what we can do in our virtual environments especially if it would require little to no effort on Microsoft's part to allow for that functionality to work?
Microsoft has been pushing the Virtual environments for quite awhile now so why not encourage it even more in the home environment for those that want to have that capability. Is everyone going to use it, no, but I think as time goes on more and more will.
Afterall, who would have thought many years ago that a server product (WHS 2011) would be used in the home?

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