Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Virgin Mobile's Motorola Triumph

Well I got the Motorola Triumph yesterday at a BestBuy. When first opened I went "ooh" and "ahh" over the large screen compared to my Optimus. Below is the video I made right after I took it out of the box.
Now I didn't have a totally smooth transition to the new phone from my Optimus. I fired up the Activate icon and got an error back about No Service. I then tried the on-line method and it too told me that it couldn't do it because of an error. I thought, no sweat, maybe I'm too early to activate, but then I got an e-mail that said the swap was completed. Strange, but it still didn't work. So I just happened to try to make a call with my Optimus and an automated message stated I had No Service. What the . . . !!!
So I try to call Customer Support . . . "sorry our offices close at 10 PM"!!! Say what!!! Just great.
I wait until this morning and called in. Fortunately their tech was able to get me up and running in about 5 minutes.
I unfortunately haven't been able to play with it a great deal, but it appears that GO Launcher isn't "flagged" to allow installation on the Triumph. Hopefully that'll be fixed in the near future.
What I have really liked is that there is an LED that flashes to indicate a new notification! WAHOO! No more apps that have to turn on the screen to tell me of a notification!
One thing that is unfortunate with the "soft keys" is that they don't wake up the screen. I have to tap the power button lightly. I'm sure this will be easy enough to get used to, so it's really a super minor quibble.
Also, I tried using Navigation on the phone, and though it worked great, I did have the phone plugged into my car but it wouldn't charge at the same time. If I had Navigation off, it would charge. Definitely some investigation due on my part to see if I can figure out why that is. Maybe the connection just wasn't good when I had the phone mounted vs. when it was just laying on the dash charging.
All in all a great phone so far. I will be making more videos so stay tuned!

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