Friday, July 29, 2011

Rocketfish Cover for Motorola Triumph

Picked up a Rocketfish Cover for my Motorola Triumph at BestBuy today for $21.
It's ok. It has a snug fit and allows me to turn the phone face down without me worrying about scratching the screen on anything.
I'm sure as time goes on there will be other nicer and cheaper covers for the Triumph. So unless you are in a big need for a cover you might wait a month to see what else turns up.


  1. Cary...I'm really torn between getting the Motorola Triumph and going to T-mobiles prepaid service and getting a nice Samsung Galaxy S 4g..but their $50 unlimited is only 100MB of 4G speeds then they throttle you to 2G speeds. You can pay $70 for truly unlimited data, text and talk though. But like you I have been w/ VM for a long time and $70 a month is a little too much for me. I've had three phones with VM and I'm grandfathered into their $40 a month...I'm just not sure if I should get the Triumph..I'm afraid the reception will not be able to penetrate the walls of the 1944 condo I live in and I have heard of the 3G speeds going to 1x. I guess I would use wifi for that though. Are you having any other issues w/ the phone? Have the 3G speeds improved? Did you take the pre loaded screen protector off or does the phone have good touch responsiveness? Have you had any dropped calls? I need to make a decision soon. Thanks for the help.

  2. The only issue I'm having with the phone is the GPS really sucks.
    The 3G speeds are nearly what I got when I had the optimus.
    I've never had a dropped call.
    No, I've left the screen protector on, afterall it's to help protect the screen. I haven't had any of the reported issues with the responsiveness.

  3. Thanks. I think I'll take my chance w/ the Motorola Triumph. I'll let you know how it turns out.

  4. Hey Cary, so I bought the Triumph today...WOW!! What a great phone! Reception is good..the 3g is slower than my optimus, but I will use wifi inside. Love the larger screen. But like you I spent 5 minutes trying to get the gps to lock and it never they need to find a patch for it. Overall I'm loving the phone....I'm glad I stayed with VM!