Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Motorola Triumph 3G results

Was out and about yesterday and did several tests (down/up):
  • 341 / 129
  • 601 / 462
  • 703 / 485
  • 845 / 551
  • 284 / 419 
So some pretty good numbers and a couple marginal. So I'm not seeing the 3G issues some report (not just with the Triumph) but it all depends on location. When I was in a less populated area then the speeds were higher than the more populated areas.


  1. I have the Triumph & my 3G has been up & down(even going to 1G) but I still would buy the phone again...

  2. My 3G hasn't been too good at my house nor GPS but I'm hopeful Motorola will put out an update that will fix those issues.

  3. Cary, what about the reception. I noticed on your 3g video you only had one bar. People are experiencing low reception issues, v.s the Optimus V. What is your experience like?

  4. 3G isn't quite as fast as my old Optimus, but pretty close (within 100 kbps or so).
    The GPS does suck as it can take a long time to lock in if there's any obstacles around you. You pretty much have to been in a totally clear space for it to quickly lock in.
    If it wasn't for the large screen I would be tempted to take it back. Obviously it does have issues that Motorola needs to fix.

  5. Okay. Here is some information you might want to consider. Per supersixty1 on you tube and I have confirmed this on phonearena looking up the specs. The Triumph is NOT a dual band phone like the Optimus V is. The radio is weak on the Triumph as it runs only on a 1900 CMDA instead of a dual 800/1900 like the Optimus V does. Being on a single band is very bad for building penetration and long distances...thus the reason why you have poor reception inside your place and dropped calls. I was REALLY looking forward to getting this phone, but the main reason you buy a phone in the first place is to make and receive calls and if that is poor then what justification do you have buying the phone? 800x480 pixels? 4.1" screen? Faster Processor? Well thats good and all, but if my calls are dropped all the time and I can't get services in areas that I got service with my OV...then I can't justify forking out $300 to get this. And the bad news is, even the LG Optimus Black that is coming out for VM at the end of the year got bad reviews...sigh..I'm going to stick w/ my Optimus v...I knew it was too good to be true! :-(

  6. I've not had any dropped calls with the Triumph and I've actually used it more than the Optimus for calls.
    The GPS issue isn't a deal breaker for me, but it is annoying.
    By all means, if you (or anyone) have any doubts don't get the phone.

  7. Thanks Cary...I'm still thinking about

  8. When are you going to do more videos on the Triumph?

  9. reception. Can you show me your signal strength in dBm. Is there an app on the market that can show you your signal strength in more detail?