Sunday, July 3, 2011


I received an e-mail from ALK Technologies Ltd announcing their new version of CoPilot. I currently use CoPilot version 8 and haven't been totally enamored with it. Here's my video review.
The update is going to be $9.99 for a short time for all who want it, which in a way, irks me as I'm already a customer I should get some form of discount, maybe pay $4.99? Well anyway, even if offered that I don't think I'd buy it. From what I can tell you still don't get full functionality and still have to pay additional to use some of CoPilot's newer features.
Granted $9.99 isn't a huge amount for software, it is for phone apps though, I'm going to pass. I don't use my phone as a GPS all that often so I'll just keep version 8 and use Google Navigator.

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