Saturday, July 2, 2011

Android App: My Tracks by My Tracks Team at Google

We like to go on walks when we can and being a person who likes stats or bits of useless data, maybe one and the same?, anyway, I enjoy knowing how far our walk took, how long, etc.
I could use my GPS for some of that info, but to know all the details enter the Android smart phone. My Optimus V runs on Android 2.2 and has a GPS. So all I needed was to find an app that would tell us about our walk. I found My Tracks in the Android Market and have been using it for a couple months now. There are probably other apps, but this was the 1st I tried and haven't seen a need for anything else.
When we start our walks I just make sure my GPS is on, and open up My Tracks and select Record Track from its menu. I then stick the phone in my pocket and away we go. Then when we get back I stop the recording, again from its menu, and then save it. You have the ability to upload the tracks to Google Maps, but I haven't really figured out a reason for me to do it.
On the phone I can see the track that we took overlaid on a Google map.
I can then, by clicking on the right side of the map, see all the stats relating to the walk. How far, how long, highest elevation, etc. It also totals all your walks in a Aggregate view and you can see how many miles you've walked over time.
I might normally be concerned about battery drain, but we took a ten mile, 3 hour walk today and I started out at 100% battery when we left, and when we got back it was down to 84%. So plenty of juice in the phone. I probably wouldn't let it run all day if you were on a day hike, at least for my phone.

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