Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amazon S3 storage

Got my bill for Amazon S3 storage, and for the 10 days or so that  I used it for it was a grand total of $0.54. Not too bad for almost 6 GB worth of data. Also a good deal of that was the actual uploading of the data, which now Amazon is offering for free.
As of right now I'm figuring I'm not going to be spending more than $5 per month for the service.
Having a place off site for part of my backup strategy is well worth it and with Cloudberry it is automatically done every week.
I suppose I could have purchased a safety deposit box, but that would have probably cost more in actual dollars and in time to drive to the bank to swap a physical drive.
I still haven't decided on upgrading my Amazon Cloud to 50GB yet so that I can store all my MP3s. I know that $50/year isn't a great deal, but still I'm trying to keep costs as low as possible. The Google Music storage might be viable, but until they actually print a cost I won't do that one yet.

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