Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Office 365

I've been reading some on the new Office 365 that Microsoft has announced. Now I'm one that like to save money, but this product just wouldn't save me money.
I can get a copy of Office for three computers for $120. So let's say the next release of office is in two years, though more likely three years, but I'll just stick to $120 for argument sake. The equates to $60 per year. Now if I sign up for the cheapest at $6 per month for three people and that is $216 per year, much much more than just buying Office in the store.
The advantage is that the copies of locally installed office is that I don't have to rely on having an internet connection to use it. But I do have to admin, my DSL connection has had very few connection problems so I'm pretty confident I'll have a connection 99% of the time at home.
Now the advantage with Office 365 is that I could access my docs from anywhere that I could use a browser from. But not $156 per year more worth.
I do use Google Apps, the free version, for a few documents that I access at work regularly as it's much easier than using a USB flash drive. But again, have to rely on an internet connection.
Now granted I do have a smart phone but trying to work on a spreadsheet with a 3.2" screen is the pits. I will be upgrading my phone next month to a 4.1" screen and hope it will be more usable.
So for me at least Office 365 won't be for me or my household.

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